Practising Yoga To Bring Balance To Your Life

I’d always thought of yoga as a waste of precious training time! Why be stretching and moving so slowly when I could be out for a run, burning some serious calories and increasing my aerobic fitness with high intensity training. Well this sure caught up to me-in the form of a painful lower back, knots in my calves causing back of the knee pain and tight glutes and hip flexors!
I’ve been incorporating yoga into my training schedule for over 2 years now and I sure notice it when I have a break from it (and continue training). My back pain returns, my hip flexors and glutes start tightening up and I feel as though I age about 10 years in a matter of weeks!

For those of you who think you’re time is better spent cranking up those kilometers on your fitbit please read on…

Benefits Of Yoga
The benefits of yoga are not limited to health and our physical being only. It is not just a form of exercise but a complete lifestyle which has the power to help change the way we live. It is the perfect way to bring more stability and balance to our physical, mental and emotional states.