Keep Your Race Prep On Track These Holidays

The holidays can be a tricky time of year to keep up your training. Between work, family, shopping and parties it is easy to understand why many people struggle to keep up a consistent routine. Here are six strategies to help keep you on track these holidays…

1. Plan your week ahead

Every Sunday set a realistic workout goal for the next seven days based on what is going on in your life. Some weeks allow for more activity than others, but the key is in maintaining your momentum by starting with a clean slate each week, tailoring your goals to what is possible and working with the flow of your life.

2. Be accountable

Once you set your weekly training goals, you’re more likely to keep it if you create a source of accountability. That could mean publicly posting it at your desk at work or on the fridge or connecting with a friend. Create a way you can both keep track of your progress and be accountable to your goals.

3. Get social

If you do better when running or riding with others, run with a group once a week or invite a friend on a weekly holiday series of runs. If you don’t have access to live social groups, use apps like Strava to connect to active runners or cyclists online. Running and riding with others can be a source of accountability as well as an inspiration to run or ride longer and harder. It’s a great idea to ride with people that are better than you as this is the quickest way to improve your skills.

4. Mix it up

This is a great time of year to mix things up, cross-train or change up your runs or riding by doing some road cycling or riding tracks you haven’t ridden before. A great time to plan adventure rides or runs as well. By performing workouts your body isn’t used to, you’ll burn more calories and develop new skills and neural pathways.

5. Aim for shorter, higher intensity workouts

One fun way to maintain your fitness and mojo is to cut the number of workouts per week, shorten the time and push harder with a high-intensity interval workout. By sprinkling in one or two short, hard efforts per week, you can maintain your fitness during a busy time of year, boost your metabolism and add a sense of fun to keep things fresh.

6.Include your family

The holidays are a great time to take the kids (and husband) on adventures. Plan some hiking, kayaking or mountain biking trips with the family to incorporate your training. You can volunteer to carry most of the gear for extra resistance training.

Set up an orienteering course for your kids in the local park or forest. This will help you with your map reading skills and be fun for everyone.

The key is to set yourself up for success with short-term goals and keep things fresh.

Kym is a mum of 3 boys, 5, 8 and 10 yrs, trains and races in multisport and adventure racing (currently as part of Tiger Adventure NZ) and is passionate about nutrition and wellness. She is the co-creator and retreat leader at NZ Adventure Retreats and is part of the team that has won the Spirited Women Adventure Race long course for the past 4 years.

Kym along with Rach Smith from Navigation North and Nic Leary (elite mountain biker and physio) will be running a specific Womens Adventure Race Skills weekend in Hawkes Bay Feb 29th and March 1st to help with up-skilling in different aspects of the race and helping you become a more confident and competent adventure racer.

Contact or 0272500435 for more information or to register.