The beauty of adventure racing is that it’s a team sport, so you can do something you love with people
Race gear is very specific to each individual, however there are some hard and fast rules you should use to
So you haven’t started training yet? Don’t panic there is still plenty of time. With around 3 months to go
Motivation can come from many places. As Simon Sinek would say it’s important and helpful to “find your why”! Why
So you have signed up for an awesome adventure with some great mates. You are super excited to get into
To find out more on the upcoming courses go to: Kym is a mum of 3 energetic boys, trains and
Navigation is where you find your way using tools such as a map, compass, GPS and even the stars or
The beauty of an adventure race is that it’s not just the race which is fun and rewarding, it is
With the recent airing of the televised series Eco Challenge Fiji there has been a huge influx of people wanting
Training your adventure racing skill set is a lifelong process. There will always be opportunity for improvement, even for the